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Best Diving Sites In Hurghada

This small site, on a group of coral pinnacles just offshore from Abu Ramada, is an incredibly dense collection of the best in coral development and reef fishes. The pinnacles are carpeted in wealthy layers of coral, with colourful delicate corals predominating, along with some gorgonians and a fairly big selection of stony species. The openings and walls of the caves are often particularly vibrant, with colonies of dendronephthia and other vividly coloured delicate corals.
This 150 m long ship sunk in 1901 and is now completely coated with both hard and soft corals and gorgonias. Zabargad Island is among the greatest islands in the red sea, the place turtles used to nest, supply dives in the blue or alongside the reef with an incredible underwater landscape, extremely rich in fauna and nicely preserved. The Islands – the Big Brother and the Little Brother – are two small exposed promontories that simply come out of the water in the midst of the sea at round 60km from the Egyptian coastline. The Little Brother has a very high concentration of life in a a lot reduced area. The partitions are covered literally with sponges, anemones and all types of onerous and soft corals in an astonishing variety of colours and shapes.

Ben El Gebel

A large pufferfish was resting on the ground, gently rocking, seemingly unperturbed by a group of divers swimming over it. Under the boat will be a beautiful wall (20 – 40m)overgrowned with vibrant corals. The dive will go along this wall, right shoulder until you attain the plateau (18 – 28m) with nice massive table corals.Turtles, Barrakudas,Snails,ShortnoseDoctorfish to be discovered here. At the northern a part of the shelf you'll notice the steep wall is intersected by a collection of towering corals reaching out. They are carpeted with gorgonia’s and deeply colored delicate corals.
From a historic perspective, at the Small Giftun web site from 1987 to 1996, share hard coral cover decreased by forty three% and algal cowl increased over fourfold. If the diving tourism industry is to sustain itself in the Egyptian Red Sea, each management effort must be made to minimise controllable sources of stress on the coral reef system. Dive web site management programme options, based mostly on peer-reviewed carrying capacity analysis and stakeholder involvement, are reviewed. On the northern side we dive with the currents which is always quiet, and then head south with the gorgeous coral reefs till you attain the jetty, one the way we are able to see- Sea horse, eagle rays even dolphins when you’re fortunate.
  • It is an exceedingly good location for entry-degree diving and dive programs, with lots of the reefs situated in easily accessible, shallow, sheltered environments, yet teeming with the Red Sea's rich marine life.

Some transect areas had experienced extreme bodily damage while others had escaped harm. Total algae percentages had been also constantly larger at impacted transect sites versus the management web site.
RasDishet as a weight check dive on the way in which to Safaga located in SahlHasheesharea . The major reef emerges up from a sandy seabed and there are a couple of separate coral clusters out from the primary reef. The total biodiversity was excellent and the coral very wholesome. We saw loads of the standard reef fish corresponding to crown butterflyfish, clownfish, lizardfish, goatfish and parrotfish. There had been also plenty of very small gobies perched on the sand, each one inside a fast swim of its burrow.
While there are numerous great areas throughout Egypt that present fantastic opportunities to go scuba diving, any listing of the most effective locations has to begin with Sharm El Sheikh. hurghada diving season<




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